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Vol.1 Issue 11 Submissions

Landslide Victories!
    Kimberly Lineger's socialist juggernaut and Eric Booth's fiscal frenzy managed to rise above the fray to take the two key Islands Trust positions on Salt Spring Island in Elections 2002. Gary Holman swept the CRD Race with a huge win for the environmentalists.
    Alas, the team of Dietrich Luth and Paul Marcano failed to garner enough votes. But, if Change is Good for the Trust, then mission accomplished and Salt Spring Islanders can all go to bed tonight knowing that no-one will be shutting them down under a Lineger / Booth Trust Committee. Both Candidates promised to review and place a "moritorium" on current proactive bylaw enforcement, especially regarding vacation rentals, so it is after all going to be a somewhat kinder and gentler Islands Trust.

     With such a wide palette of candidates to choose from, seven of whom promised change, it was interesting how the final voting results showed such a close alignment with the main forces of economy, environment and social issues that so often divide our community.
     What we saw here was also reflected provincially in an NDP grassroots endorsement of local level candidates, which in our case fell to Gary Holman and Kimberly Lineger. As the NDP seeks to rebuild its provincial base of support, clearly they are targeting local level politics as a foundation of that effort.
     Candidates who are not part of this effort were not supported and clearly the money was behind the winners. As well the Driftwood newspaper, while it managed to hold its tongue for most of the campaign, could not help but fall into a final endorsement of the three candidates, Holman, Booth and Lineger. They called the endgame here and are to be congratulated on reading what can only be called the "entrails of chickens" in terms of the overall crap shoot it looked like at times.
     The Driftwood's recent policy of publishing candidates' platforms, images and answers to questions verbatum is a commendable effort and was much appreciated by all participants. As well, their new policy of allowing a last issue rebuttal to any Letters to the Editor. One would hope that they extend that policy to include rebuttals to official editorials like John Pottinger's rather stinging last minute shots at Ms. Thorburn and Mr. Borrowman...ouch. While this was an accurate and astute editorial analysis of the candidates, it lacked fairness coming out in the last issue.

fail to sell the team!
     The dynamic duo Dietrich Luth and Paul Marcano did everything they could to stay beyond the clutches of special interests. They ran on a classic universal democratic theme of advocating for the individual's right to be part of decision making processes within a hub of community networking. Unfortunately, they learned too late that the three main forces at work in the community dynamic (economic, environmental & social) are not just abstract philosophical views in need of harmony, rather they are represented by three main blocks of actual voters! Luth and Marcano did nothing to align themselves with a support base and even when asked to create such an alignment with one or the other, were appalled at the suggestion. A quintessential mistake in a political game where allegiances are everything. To pledge allegiance to nothing is perhaps a little too much of that Buddah mindstuff that their signs so subtly reflected. The team will live on however as they return to work as LUMAR Digital Archive Services.
David Borrowman
Goes down to Defeat
     Trustee David Borrowman was defeated by a huge margin, losing 70% of his support since the 1999 election. Polls suggested this was going to be the case and they were spot on!
     While Mr. Borrowman's term as Trustee was often controvertial, he was always a professional and dedicated civil servant. His problems arose only slowly over a six year run in which he quietly and noticeably lost touch with the community pulse. One could say that he was a victim of market forces which tried over and over to send him a message. The Islands Trustees were venturing too far in their dabblings into the dynamics of commercial enterprise and social engineering. A strong local economy is just as important as the social and environmental forces that we all came here to be involved in as a community.
      The writing was on the wall when the local Chamber of Commerce had to suspend its blank - cheque endorsement of Trust bylaws. We of course wish David well in his future and perhaps when he sees how difficult it can be to make a living in the private sector, he may realise that the wheels of commerce are also governed by the wheels of Karma.

Candidates Reveal their Inner-Most Thoughts?
     It is very telling if one looks at what a candidate says and inverts it to see what they are really saying about themselves.
David Borrowman: "There is an unprecedented need to work together" - transposition, " I have become so removed from the community pulse that it is unprecedented".
Ellie Thorburn: "We need to find ways to get beyond our sector 'we-they' positions" - transposition, "I need to figure out a way to relate to the common people"
Tom Pickett: "I will institute town hall meetings which will formulate policies" - transposition, "I hope if I am elected that the public will help me out here because I have no idea how this all works".
Dean Crouse: "Someone has to step up to the plate, listen and act effectively and efficiently" - transposition, "I hope it is not me"
Kimberly Lineger: "we should develop viable options rather than short-term fixes" - transposition, "I think being a Trustee for a little while will be a perfect launch pad to Provincial politics one day"
Sheri Nielson: "We voted to maintain the status quo and remain a rural community" - transposition, "I can see what is happening, but I don't think there is anything we can do about it"
Paul Marcano: "Let's transform the Trust to meet tomorrow's needs" - transpostion - "If we change it maybe we won't have to plan for tomorrow"
Dietrich Luth: "nothing is stronger than self-reliant and informed trustees who really listen" - transposition, "I am completely self-reliant and need to listen to others"
Eric Booth: "there are few issues on Salt Spring that do not involve the CRD and the Trust" - transposition, "I blame all my problems on government"
Gary Holman: "We need an economic strategy that is not separate from the community interest" - transposition, "I have been working on strategies that are quite separate from the community interest, like running for CRD when I am really a Trust aficionado"
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