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Vol.1 Issue 5 Submissions

Bowen Island Mayor
Says it like it is!
    In what is sure to upset proponents of Salt Spring Island Incorporation, the Mayor of recently incorporated Bowen Island Lisa Barrett revealed some serious concerns about new and expensive problems they face.
Mayor Lisa Barret
    Clearly she feels that the Province and Regional district were behind the effort that pushed Bowen into Incorporation and with reference to Tom Reid, the restructuring committee's consultant, she pointed out that it has been his vision, a single vision that seems to be behind the incorporation of many communities over the last five years.
    In a wonderfully candid comment she told Salt Springers " I just look at you people (on Salt Spring) thinking gosh what a wonderful bunch of creative and odd people, couldn't you come up with something a little more creative than a plain old Municipality?
Mayor Lisa Barrett
Mayor of Bowen
Lisa Barrett

     But the real bombshell was the revelation that projected additional costs of incorporation are completely presumptuous based on the fact that she says: "we didn't have an opportunity to find out how much roads are going to cost us because it is proprietary information that is contracted through the Provincial Government and they wouldn't take the time to, substantiate this so in our restructure study we weren't able to have any significant or reliable figures of what we could expect".
    As anyone can imagine, the Fulford crowd gave her a warm and thankful round of applause for speaking out, even though she wasn't invited to sit at the front with the restructuring committee at first, the crowd insisted and she soon was placed prominently front and centre. A refreshing voice in an all too slanted discussion of the pros of Incorporation.
Mayor Lisa Barrett
    There is an online transcript and complete video of her comments here for ADSL users and here for DIALUP users Check it out, you won't find better inside information about what we could expect if we were foolish enough to buy into this initiative.
NOT! "better ask Metchosinites"

     For all the fun and games of becoming a full blown municipality, check with Vancouver Island Metchosinites to find out the true costs of such a game. Continued

Home owners subjected to more Social Engineering by Islands Trust?
    Apparently our local Islands Trust has never heard of the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.
    The Islands Trust was not formed to exercise its influenced beyond a very narrow environmental mandate and yet we once again see evidence that it is attempting yet another act of social engineering over home owners who may wish to rent their homes for a few weeks out of the year.
    Clearly the Trust seems to be acting on behalf of the local accommodation industry with its latest so-called 'green' letter to all residents. This is also not the mandate of the Islands Trust to regulate trade and fair business competition.
    They are interfering in market driven forces that are self-regulating by sheer nature of the choices people have the freedom to make. Contrary to their over-bearing presence on Salt Spring we still have a right, like the rest of Canadians to make our own choices regarding how we live or choose to support ourselves.
    Renting out a home for a few weeks out of the year is a completely legitimate choice by taxpaying home owners and anyone with the guts to take the issue to court will undoubtedly be validated under our basic Charter of Rights and Freedoms. Only on Salt Spring would a maverick branch of government like the Islands Trust attempt the kind of anti-profit intimidation we all received in the mail. Although it was printed nicely on subliminal green, it clearly had an old tarnished redish hue ;-) Continued

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