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Vol.1 Issue 4 Submissions

Barnacle Bye Bye
Two Driftwoods too much.
    Sure it had a different name but it was still a sham to think we had two media voices on Salt Spring Island when both newspapers are owned and run by the same conglomerate. Any pretension of there being two newspapers on Salt Spring has now been laid to rest with the last issue of the Barnacle.
    In its former days under Jeff Outerbridge's fair minded hands, the Barnacle was a true alternative to the stodgier Driftwood which has always followed the classic community newspaper format so indistinguishable from town to town.
     We can fully expect the Driftwood to continue to massage its readers into a state of frenzy and polarization on every issue and to carefully direct people at election time to support its chosen candidates. Its letters to the editor which have always been selected to provoke a state of community polarization,, feigning a 'balanced perspective', will always be its one redeeming centerpiece, at least it's a small voice for the readers, however selective.
    Lest we forget, politicians should continue to wonder (if the Driftwood doesn't agree with them) whether they will be sabotaged with the very cash they give the paper to advertise their campaign.
    Who knows if we have seen the last of the Driftwood's unethical political manipulations? It's a local election and referendum on incorporation year so we'll watch closely and see how things go. Should be fun.
NOT! "better ask Metchosinites"

     For all the fun and games of becoming a full blown municipality, check with Vancouver Island Metchosinites to find out the true costs of such a game. Continued

Scott Hyland "does it again!"
     We are so lucky on Salt Spring when talents as professional as Scott Hyland's lend their expertise to the local theatre culture. Who can forget the masterful "Endgame" production?
     This last production "How to Eat Like a Child" was a real taste of innocence as Scott carefully didn't select the obvious kids to play obvious parts, contriving to perform their parts perfectly.
     This was so refreshing in simplicity and scope that it kind of caught you completely off guard with its authenticity, charm and realism.     There were times when one wondered whether these kids were just perfect actors or just playing themselves? I could not believe how perfectly off key they sang with all the nuances of real kids. Each segment brought new insights into the mind set that children and parents take for granted, that is "you're a kid" and "I'm an adult" and where's the grey in between?
     I was left feeling like I could use another shot at bringing up my own kids because while I was in the middle of those formative years, I too was in a 'formative' stage and could probably have done a better job with a few more insights as shown through this play. Like all the many ways parents mean 'no', maybe, we'll see, let's talk about it later and why aren't there as many ways to say yes? Bravo to a great performance by the kids and special kudos to Scott for directing the natural talent in kids without perfecting them.

ADSL Hi-Speed Internet?
     Yes indeedy Salt Spring Island has come of age, finally high speed Internet has arrived and at a competitive price too! Telus informs us that for about $100 in set-up hardware and $24.95 a month for the first six months ($34.95/mnth) thereafter you can cruise the net as never before.
     The big advantage of course is that it piggy backs on to your existing phone line without tying up the phone! Who knows how they managed that but hey, no more phone add-ons like Internet Call Director or call waiting to monitor when someone is trying to reach you by phone.
     High speed Internet via ADSL is actually better than Cable Internet in that you essentially have a completely private connection to the Internet unlike a single cable system which everyone shares. This means that other than normal Internet traffic jams on certain web sites there is no time during the day when everybody on-line will slow things up.
     And there's more... you remain connected to the Internet 24/7 so email is immediate and webcam teleconferencing is a real possibility. Share lunch with grandma half a continent away!
     ADSL opens up further possibilities too like running remote controlled virtual representatives to look after your web site and let you know when someone needs to chat with you. The possibilities are as endless as ever but now a lot of those possibilities have become probable!

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