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Vol.1 Issue 3 Submissions

Campbell Government
Over the Top?
    Without a doubt a change of government means a change of policy which logically means a change of the way we do things. With the recent mass congregation at the Legislature one would think that no one voted for these guys by a landslide. (Socred sheep in wolf clothing some say)
    Well a lot of people obviously did vote for the Campbell government, were not happy with the NDP and now we are seeing the pendulum swing in the other direction. It's all about balancing extremes which British Columbians seem to invariably prefer over moderate, middle of the road politics. It's a knee-jerk way of choosing a new government and we should not be surprised at the results.
     Our governments have a fiscal responsibility to balance the books so a .5 percent raise in the sales tax was the least threatening way to apply an equal share of the burden to the all consuming citizen, but it is also their responsibility to deliver other changes with a modicum of compassion and concern for all who are affected. After giving themselves an initial pay raise and cutting back on taxes, it is just a tad disingenuous to then claim to have woken up to the reality of the situation.
    Hopefully when the pendulum passes back through the center point, they will pull back on the heavy handedness and understand the concept of balanced government.
    More than that British Columbians might consider that this all or nothing approach they have on voting day is not the best way to keep the good while encouraging change.
"collectors buy now!"

     This is the cash you just might want to save. Notwithstanding the lightweight return to paper $1 and $2 denominations, this money is to finance what art is to culture!
     And it is a cultural statement of our times when an island can print its own money and thereby trace it back directly to local spending patterns that revitalize the island economy (for fun and profit!).
    It is nothing short of a revolution of media dimensions that this new currency establishes such a unique artistic signature to our island culture. Buy it & spend it, it's as good as gold!
New denominations launch Mar. 8th.

Earthmen release CD!
"A new genre defined"
Earthmen CD
     We have watched Salt Spring's local band the Earthmen grow from toddlers on our knee to full spectrum musicians and composers. This debut CD is a refreshing and adventurous journey into truely original soundscapes.
     If new-comers to Salt Spring wonder how such an artistic island will affect children growing up, The Earthmen's new Cd is a perfect example of what this island nurtures in its youth... creativity, originality and insight.
Sex in the City?
     From all accounts the recent Erotic Art Festival was a success in all of its tastefulness and presentation.
Queen of Hearts by Jan Sharkey Thomas
     While some islanders have expressed that they are not particularly into Vagina monologues and Scrotum dialogues it is all very luke warm compared to the general spread of programs coming across your local cable and satellite systems these days. Europeon maturity has arrived!
     We have come of age and as we become more tolerant and perhaps more mature in our perspectives we will see that sex, erotica and love have a relationship with each other that is inseparable. That said, the general erotification of society will undoubt- edly encourage more compassion, sensitivity and love. Sounds like a blueprint for survival!

      Discover a unique seminar offering an insightful look into the emotional and social challenges of creative personalities. The workshop offers comprehensive solutions and provides the basic tools needed to alleviate emotional stress and build artistic confidence. Canadian jazz pianist / composer / clinician Paul Tobey communicates a revealing look into the performerís mindset.
     Targeting jazz and classical performance students, this professional development tour is appearing on 30 campuses across Canada. As a free public event, anyone with an interest or a dream of a successful career in performance will find the course is a real eye-opener that will resonate with the artist within.
     Juno-nominated Paul Tobey has toured the world as a performer and was recently rewarded with a recording contract from New York label, Arkadia Jazz. Classically trained at the start, Paul turned to jazz in his 20s and will be releasing his fifth album this year. Dedicated to encouraging talented students to perform, Paul was granted an award for Outstanding Service to Jazz Education by the International Association of Jazz Educators in 2000.
     Please spread the word any way you can. Forward this email, print it in your newsletters and tell your musician friends. Colour posters are available for you to post and we can forward a press kit of Paulís music career to you upon request.

     IíM AN ARTIST, THATíS MY CHOICE is co-presented by the Canada Council for the Arts and Jazz Expo. For more information please contact Catharine Soukoreff at 416-588-4019, or Check out our website at:

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