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Vol.1 Issue 2 Submissions

'Quiet' CRD Director Speaks
"good news announcement"

    In a rare series of rather impromptu utterances Salt Spring Island's local CRD Director Kellie Booth made some startling quasi-announcements for the coming year. She is reported to hope to make what she calls a "good news announcement" some time this year about plans to apply treated effluent from the Ganges Sewer plant to school fields and local parks. She said "Now we can look at what we can do with that high-quality by-product." (See Jan 8th Barnacle)
    One couldn't ask for more horrific Flotsam and Jetsam to hit the fans of Salt Springs gentle summer breezes. It is gratifying to hear that our regional director can obviously vouch for the safety of effluent in heavily used public areas especially where the children of the community congregate.
     It is presumed that the recommendation to hook the sewer plant up to the public water utility next won't be long in the making. After all she goes on to say "The more you use, the more you make. Recycling, recycling, recycling. It's very good, I think" Will she be asking us to drink it next? Give her a call.
Driftwood - Objective?
     Local Driftwood claims one- upmanship on the issue of objectively and truthfulness.
     As hard as this Flotsam is to swallow, the Driftwood continues to take the cake for indigestibility.
     The publisher says "any creature of government which is what the restructure committee is - is automatically, to my mind, suspect." This is said with reference to his unwillingness to recognise the objectivity of the incorporation study committee made up of unpaid, local volunteers, giving of their time.
     Now we know who the pope of objectivity and truthfulness is, no less than the Driftwood publisher himself. This is of course harder to imagine in light of his self-admitted enjoyment of columns "that incite readers to anger, vitriol, high blood pressure, anxiety, fear and loathing..." (see photo)
     Once again we see how our local press monopoly seeks to polarize opinion for its own purposes quite apart from any good it will do the community.

AW KriegMar Gallery
"Openings" - 8:00PM Fridays

      The gallery was commissioned by author and photographer Richard Krieger and built by artist and graphic designer, Paul Marcano. Both gentleman share the space and present a wide range of digital photos they have taken. On Friday nights, 8:00 pm PST, you can often meet the artist and photographers featured in the KriegMar Gallery in Active Worlds at - AW 2249N 857W.
KrigMar Gallery
     While you may have to bring your own wine and cheese on Friday nights, at least one of the featured photographers tries to be available to chat with visitors. The discussions often range from what digital cameras were used to how to use Active Worlds to present and market your digital images.
     The graphic designer says "I really think Active Worlds is a fabulously flexible way to build a 3D presentation gallery. The sense of presence is quite effective, images are fast to load and can be made clickable to a traditional 2D website address. It is by far the ultimate way to present 'thumbnail' images mounted from a 3D perspective, you can then use your 2D website for presenting the images in a larger format."

Discover the gallery doorway pages through the 2D websites
     Since digital images have so many applications, sales and arrangements to use the images are made directly through e-mail contact with prospective buyers.

The KriegMar Virtual Gallery

Aware of being Conscious?
     Most People hardly see a difference, even a lot of Gurus will confuse the conceptual context of what is awareness and what is this so called 'cosmic consciousness'.
     Given the subtlety of human nature there seems to be the option of either identifying with a deeper awareness or simply walking around in any state of consciousness, come what may. It is interesting to note that what you identify as being 'you' shapes your perspective more than anything. The old saying that 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' clarifies the fact that it is the beholder who determines in the final analysis what it is they are seeing.
      So the next time you are contemplating the thoughts in your streaming consciousness, notice the one who is doing the contemplating, notice who can be free of those thoughts and who is ultimately in the process of literally becoming aware.

     It was probably the Tibetans who pointed it out best when they realised that awareness is never born and never dying. This might explain the deep sense of immortality that most of us sense. We can hardly imagine dying ourselves, although it seems to be always something that happens to other people, just not us. Perhaps there is an aspect of ourselves that doesn't get born physically as such, any more than it has to die.

     The publication Flotsam & Jetsam is a series of columns featuring commentary on the state of Salt Spring Island media, politics, entertainment and lifestyles. Please feel free to click the 'Submissions' link above to send any thoughts you may have or would like included here. eg: Interesting island perspectives, Our Boardwalk, Community Centre, local government study, bylaws etc unfinished dreams.

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