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Vol.1 Issue 1 Submissions

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Flotsam and Jetsam.

Salt Spring's rival newspaper
rivals no more...

If you can't beat em buy em! In what appears to be an unprecedented move by Salt Spring's oldest newspaper, the Driftwood bought out its primary competition, the Barnacle. And so goes another attempt by the island to maintain two newspapers on the street. The last one to attempt even a minor effort was StarLinks monthly Viewspaper, back in 1993. Fortunately StarLinks folded before it yielded to any multi-million dollar buy-out offers thus maintaining its integrity and self-respect for all time ;-).      And so it goes, whether it... continued

Speaking of rising from the ashes, the information gathered by the incorporation study is now in the public domain... seems the timing is set just in time to give our local elections next year some real purpose. Otherwise all quiet on the home front, certainly no signs of leadership.

LUB Snitch System
- too Orwellian!

     The worst part of our current, evolving, local island government is that the Island Trust's Land Use Bylaw and their Community Plan continues to endorse a convenient platform for a neighbourhood snitch system. Any anonymous complainant can freely initiate a cascade of expensive bureaucratic interference upon their neighbour. As a result, the victims of this cowardly system of enforcement are never allowed to even know the identity of their accuser! continued

Salt Spring's Own Geezers
launch major web site

     Those geezers move in mysterious ways... 2001ATI (After The Internet) marks the launch of their very own web site where you can find geezer updates and booking information on how to get these guys into your local venues and especially how to get guys talking about a subject they shy away from, often until it is too late... Prostate Cancer.
     Anyone who has seen their show knows that they have a special corner on the humour to be found behind this terrible disease, because one geezer actually has had prostate cancer, they are essentially 'in the know' and have a lot to say about it! It's quirky, its funny and it is seriously poignant. Check out their web site.

Virtual Worlds within Worlds
     The 3D Internet is here! Check out Actually it has been here for a number of years (circa:1995) but most computers and modems couldn't keep up with it until now. The 3D Internet is a kind of 'super natural' online experience of a very new and interactive order.       These worlds within worlds have gone well beyond adolescent computer generated experiences. They have raised the medium to a new art and communications form by removing the villain, the adversary and the game presumption found in many computer simulations. Here you claim land and build your dream home or a gallery or even an office space.

This is really a new cross-national society and culture, in a parallel Universe, potentially more closely knit than this one and growing daily... already estimated to cover a virtual space the size of California, check some of them out. Active Worlds or if you already have the AW plugin Click here and visit Salt Spring Island's KriegMar Virtual Gallery

DesktopTravel Travel?
     Representative Jan Willems recently went to London's World Travel Market exhibition. Having spent most of his life photographing and writing about a world-wide destinations, his recent project, the DesktopTravel Appetizer consolidates his images and stories onto small, pocket-sized, CDrom cards. His current target area features the Gulf Islands - Salt Spring, Denman, Hornby and Gabriola Islands with the Penders coming up this spring. These little gems play automatically in almost all IBM compatible computer CD drives.
Check out the web site for more information.

     The publication Flotsam & Jetsam is a series of columns featuring commentary on the state of Salt Spring Island media, politics, entertainment and lifestyles. Please feel free to click the 'Submissions' link above to send any thoughts you may have or would like included here. eg: Interesting island perspectives, Our Boardwalk, Community Centre, local government study, bylaws etc unfinished dreams.

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The Salt Spring Island Flotsam & Jetsam is published by Tremellius II & Junius III - Furthering the civil libertarian views that government ought to have a minimal presence in our lives.

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