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Vol.1 Issue 7 Submissions

Trust Region Deserves A Special Status Incorporation
(if it needs to incorporate at all)
    What ails the effort investigating incorporation is that the current Restructure Committee has not followed any recommendation to pursue a special status for Salt Spring Island. Gary Holman referred to it, particularly in the last two meetings and he appears to be the only one to have done the real indepth homework that this study required. What the Restructure Committee should have said to the Province is: Look we've been down this road before and it does not work to insert a plain vanilla incorporation into a special status area like our Trust Region.
Dietrich Luth
Former CRD Director D.Luth
    Obviously, if any incorporation is to work successfully, just adding another cog to the gearbox is not going to be the answer. The current island's governance system simply needs some redesigning. If we don't, the local community is destined to be saddled, like Bowen Island, with a system of governance which is too expensive, will not work properly and will not have the continued co-operation of the local population. If a justification for incorporation can actually be made, then the search must be made for that unique template which best fits the situation for Salt Spring Island.
     Such a template would certainly not take on the characteristics of a typical Municipality since they are particularly designed for areas that do not have any special status under the Islands Trust mandate. With the problems that Bowen Island has faced this should have been a given for the Restructure Committee.
     The current design to be voted on next Saturday leaves too much unclear and a lot of uncertainty. Extreme caution is all the more justified because of what the Community Charter may bode for the future. That said, it is paramount that important uncertainties be addressed now and not after the Referendum when it will be too late to bargain for specific terms with the Province. continued

SaltSpring News Goes to Special Mailout Issue
Another Barnacle?
     Salt Springers may yet have an alternative to the Driftwood. It seems you can't keep good healthy barnacles of competition down in the print media. Since the demise of the Barnacle, people have felt uneasy that the island was once again restricted to only one main newspaper.
     Publisher Cameron Smith is to be commended for his latest effort to balance the discussion around the Incorporation issue with this week's home mail-out issue dedicated, without commercial advertising to helping us make a more informed choice on voting day, the June 22nd Referendum on Incorporation.
      We wish Cameron Smith all the best and hope to see the Salt Spring News take its rightful place as an alternative community newspaper. If you wish to support future issues through your advertising, contact The Salt Spring News at 537-4312 and let's help this effort along for a healthier balance of island views!
Health Warning: Incorporitis
Difficult to Diagnose

      People with incorporitis may need institutionalization and de-programming. Although it is a relatively rare disease the symptomatology of it is that all sorts of strange outbreaks that are difficult to diagnose. Having the same Provincial source it keeps erupting on the body and in the mind, with the net effect that fighting incorporitis never gets past the diagnosis stage because the new problems keep appearing. The only cure if a local population surrenders to it is de-municipalization. Although the problem is endemic, outbreaks generally only occur during times leading up to a referendum and once that is over the disease goes to ground and the afflicted parties gradually either get cured or learn to live with their disease. It helps for these people who also suffer trememdously from delusions of grandeur to be surrounded by rational people who can show them the error of their ways. The most extreme manifestation of incorporitis was found in the case where an individual actually built his own home in the shape of a town hall. That one wound up in Riverview. They call him the mayor there!

Chemainus Mural gets
20 year facelift.
     Local Salt Spring artist Paul Marcano recently was invited on an overseas assignment to Chemainus, Vancouver Island to refurbish one of three wall murals he painted there back in the fall of 1982

      His realistic depiction of local legend Hong Hing's storefront had faded dramatically after receiving a somewhat unprofessional touch up about 10 years ago by a still unknown 'curator'. Consequently the ravishes of time threw the mural into an aweful imbalance with some areas appearing 'newer' and other areas almost completely washed out.
      After some negotiations, the Festival of Murals Society contracted Paul to bring old Hong Hing back to his former glory. An interesting issue came up about insurance when Paul was told by island insurance companies that "due to events of 911" it would cost upwards of $500 for less than a week's coverage! It seems 911 is being used and referred to even on some home insurance policies these days, one has to wonder if insurance companies haven't milked this tragedy just a little too opportunistically.
     Suffice to say Paul took a chance with 'Karma', completed the mural without injuring anybody and is now back on island enjoying the last political moments of the incorporation issue... there is no question nor has there ever been any question about how he plans to vote on increasing the size of government on Salt Spring... a resounding "nah, let's do something else like, well why don't we paint more murals here?" A picture is certainly worth a thousand bureaucratic words.
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