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Vol.1 Issue 9 Submissions

Driftwood Still Trying
to Call the Shots?
    One could hardly expect the Driftwood to acknowledge that they don't have the pulse on the community that they once imagined. Afterall, for weeks before the Incorporation Referendum they appeared to be suggesting in their pages through virtually all their writers that Salt Spring Island would follow with certainty the recommendations of the Restructure Committee and vote to become a full fledged Municipality.
    Clearly the community felt independently 3:1 otherwise and the Driftwood writers still barely seem to acknowledge how off-the-mark their endorsements were. However, we now see the same Driftwood stepping up to the plate again 'suggesting for us' that those who did the incorporation study might have some extraordinary wealth of knowledge that sets them apart and above as potential candidates in the fall municipal elections.
     Alas, we beg to differ and would first like to see a thorough accounting for the $100,000 of tax payers money that was spent by the committee on a study that did little more than present us with an off-the-shelf municipal model. A model we've seen time and again installed in communities throughout BC by 'Tom Reid Inc.' and others. This was not, as was advertised, a special 'island municipality' being offered, although we can agree it is an island.
     These kinds of expenditures are so typical and predictable whenever bureaucracies go about their self-analytical, self-absorbed attempts to expand their domain. The Restructure Study had some of that classic double-negative, confuse-the-reader, maybe they will think it is beyond their comprehension approach. As early as on page six of the Study we see a conclusive statement about population growth re: incorporation on Salt Spring "It is clear that population by itself would not make Salt Spring a poor candidate for municipal status." - Sounds a bit like the Liberal's Native Referendum question #1 "Private Property should not be expropriated for treaty settlements - yes or no?" No it should not be or yes it should not be?
     Come the fall elections, we should all continue to read carefully between the lines as we will likely see much more of this Orwellian vintage double-speak.

A Beautiful Mind
Out on Video and DVD
     This movie certainly made a significant contribution to expanding our awareness of the complexities of mental illness. In particular it showed just how much more tragic it can be when it strikes a genius-like mind.
     One is given an incredible inside-out perspective on true hallucinations, of people and places that are not there for anyone else but the perceiver. For it to happen to Nobel Prize winner, John Nash, as a mathematician, the movie becomes somewhat abstract in its scope as most of us already don't understand the mathematical mind-set let alone the subjective hallucinations of one so afflicted.
     What was interesting, was how John Nash's logical mind began to sort through the confusion and eventually was able to determine the probability of whether something was there or not for everyone else. He appeared to solve the problem by retreating into a fundamental, albeit clear area of his mind that was still able to make choices and question his sense impressions. From this awareness he was able to regain, over the years, control of his life and slowly begin to relate more easily with the world around him.
     There is a lesson here for everyone who desires to gain a measure of control over their thought processes and moods, only from a clear place within the mind can we see things the way they are and not be deluded by how we choose to interpret our sense impressions.

New Site: MoonstruckCheese
Organic Salt Spring Cheese

      Local cheese makers Susan and Julia Grace have launched a new website promoting their excellent selection of organic cheese. They call themselves Moonstruck Cheese and own the domain by that name, so it is easy to find on the web, just type in and enjoy their wonderful pictures of their farm and some great shots of their cheese.

Global Warming
Dot Net Dot Com Dot Org
     The Internet is a wonderful wealth of information right there on tap and always more than enough. The search engine, one of the few left that eventually lists just about everybody's website... brought up some interesting results recently.

      A small article in the Island Tides pointed out a statistic that one SUV tank of gas melts 136 cubic ft of polar ice and so it seemed reasonable to check out that so-called fact. Now, sometimes search engines can give way too many results so we typed in "myths about global warming" to see if there might be some counter arguments to popular misconceptions.
      It was amazing to read in great detail so much about global warming but what was even more fascinating was how different the perspectives were to be found on all three domains -, and Here we found three distinct groups, the was created by a group of environmentally concerned web designers, the is a home for that inevitable group who capitalize on organizing conferences about things, usually getting all sides of an issue to pay for booths and workshops and then the public to pay to attend, very lucrative. Finally the seemed primarily a non-profit venue for scientists who have published a myriad of data and consolidated theories from a broad spectrum of disciplines. This seemed to be the place where the information was presented in a cool, clear and concise way.
      We never did verify the SUV study but it was extremely gratifying to know that it was possible within one domain name (try it with other subjects), to find such a wide breadth of information about an issue we could all be more informed about.
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