VBC Design Consulting

The Web can be a wild and crazy place at first glance, the best use of my services is when you want to make a first impression that lasts. I like to suggest design qualities that become self-promoting because the site offers content people will want to share with others. I create sites that are engaging to explore and presents a clear navigation sytem to precisely what you are offering.

3D Virtual Architecture is an alternative to the expense of a real world bricks and mortar storefront business presence. A 3D virtual representation is particularly effective to those who have a range of products, and a presentation format that requires the undivided attention of visitors, especially in groups. Most virtual environments are compelling and with a little suspension of disbelief, they can provide hours of engaging interaction. In contrast, only a few moments may be spent on the average 2D web page.

Multi-media has been around for a long time and the Internet naturally lends itself well to animation, sound, video and real-time interactive networking strategies. In all cases these features can be integrated more seamlessly now than ever before with high speed internet connections and more powerful computer systems.

Advertising layouts, banners and animated graphics are all part of what a website will need in the promotion process. While I do not provide a direct web promotion service, I do provide the tools, consulting strategies and experience to aid in your efforts to promote your website.

Finally, you should know that I have been active in computer technologies and multi-media since 1984 and a web design consultant for over 12 years, basically since the Internet's inception. My client customers have always found that I am a 'completion engineer', in that I am on time and on budget with clear quotes and prepared proposals presented and agreed upon before work begins.

Please Email Me for specific quotes or more information.

Paul Marcano
AKA Artist3d